Realtime Unusual Options Activity

Unusual options activity, aka UOA, occurs when there is an unusually large number of options traded for a given stock. It could be an indication that someone is making a large and aggressive bullish or bearish bet on a particular stock.  

You will get the most informative flow information once the data hits your dashboard as it becomes available.

Realtime Metrics

Market Statistics
You can get realtime market metrics through intraday and historical data by customizing multiple options including multiple tickers, date ranges, option size, option premium and more, so you can better fit your trading strategy.

Option Premium Analysis

Get a top level summary insight on what's flowing throughout the day.


Data analysis dashboard help our customer get the insights on which stock get the most bullish or bearish flow in real-time.

Realtime Option Chain Information

Option Chain Data
Compare the order details with the  real-time option chain data, to see the most updated prices and option interest changes.


We’ll help you stay focused by only delivering the order flow that’s on your list. You can also stay up to date with real-time stock quotes.

Insight  Widget

Insight widget will help you get a top level summary view on what's flowing throughout the day.


Setup desktop alerts to get those important notifications so you never miss the action.

Historical Data

Search equities across a wide range of time frames to back-test your ideas.


"I’ve been using TradingFlow for about 6 months now. After using for a few months, I started recognizing patterns and integrated it into my trading strategy with technical analysis. I find it most useful as a tool to discover what is "hot" in the market at a particular time. I also found it useful to "predict" insider trading. Option Flow is great and I definitely recommend TradingFlow to access it. To be most successful using the tool, approach trading as a science. Use the data provided by TradingFlow and setup experiments to find what truly works. Good luck!"
"For active option traders this is a wonderful tool to analyze flow. The development team is always open to feedback and is actively rolling out updates and new features. The tool itself is very self-intuitive and compared to other option flow softwares on the market I would rate this hands-down as one of the best ,if not the best.”
“Wow. I just updated my site and it was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!"
Emilia Davey
SMD Traidng
"One of the biggest mistakes a trader can make is trade against the smart money. By exposing large option orders, TradingFlow has aIlowed me to see in real time where the deep pockets on Wall Street are placing their bets. This information has consistently made me money, but more importantly, has kept me out of some potentially disastrous trades."

Julia Smith
Trader Mentality